Michael Lewis
....One of the FINEST musicians I've known!
I first met Michael Lewis around 1989 when a mutual friend and fellow musician Jim "J.C." Culver introduced us. Well actually, he kind of threw us together on stage at the old Fibbers club in Scottsdale, Arizona. J.C. and I were looking for a guitarist to re-group with after our band kind of fell apart around us. J.C. had worked with Michael on a job before, and told me he was really good, and wanted us to get together at Fibbers and jam. Well, needless to say....I was blown away. Michael was everything he said and more. A great guitarist, with amazing vocals. Right then I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. So we put a band together and started playing at the Hayloft in Glendale. Things just took off from there. We went from playing at the Hayloft, to being the opening band for Charlie Daniels at the Parada Del Sol Concert in Scottsdale, to landing the house gig at Country City in Mesa, where we played five nights a week for three and a half years or so. Over the years Michael and I grew closer and closer, and He became like a brother to me. He was also the only person I had ever met that felt exactly the same way about music that I did. It ran through his blood, and he absolutely needed to play music. I looked up to him, and aspired to be as good as him. I think we brought out the best in each other as fellow musicians, and as friends. Michael was my best friend in Arizona, and I am very sad to see him go. But I know in my heart that he will be waiting to greet me at the gate when my time comes to cross over, and I will get to see him again. ..........I will miss him, and he will be in my heart forever, and I will remember him always.
------Larry Bailey
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Gone , but never forgotten !
Feb 10, 1948 - Oct 4, 2009
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