Welcome to my Recording Studio Page. Here you can listen to some of the recordings I

have done over the years, and you can contact me to set up a recording session. I do

in-house recording, as well as mobile recording. That's right, I bring my 24 track mobile

recording gear to your house, or even to a nightclub where you might be performing,

and record you. I have a mobile rack with an alesis HD24 24-track hard disk recorder

along with some outboard gear, and I record up to 15 songs of you or your band onto

seperate tracks, then I take it home and mix it. (3 day turn around) And then I give you

a master CD of the final mix. All at really reasonable rates!

So if you are in the Phoenix area, please click on the E-Mail me button above,

or give me a call, and we'll set something up.

1. Bailey Brothers - Walk Away

2. Bret Anderson - Live

3. Larry E. Bailey - Save some love for me (Sample)

4. Larry E. Bailey - I've gotta get home (Sample)